Friday, March 16, 2007

the last night of the shooting stars

remember harpo's?
common industry wisdom was to take your start from that little stage
just high enough to bruise the shins of an often questionable crowd,
the question being, how many people constitute a crowd?
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Final show with this line-up

March 30, 2007:
Massey Hall, Toronto, ON. Tix on sale NOW through Massey's online ticket page.

oyr logoOne Yellow Rabbit announces erotic collaboration with Rheos
Artistic Director Blake Brooker of Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit, western Canada's most successfu avant garde theatre company, announced during Western Nationals that it had entered into an agreement with the Rheostatics to develop a new show for the 21st High Performance Rodeo based on Dave Bidini's hockey erotica: the working title is "Five Hole."

"Canada Council approached us to commission a work for its 30th anniversary next year and, somehow, this show seemed like something that we could do," said Brooker. The multi-media extravaganza is in an embryonic stage at the moment but -- "if the stars align", says Brooker, who is thrilled to be working with a band he's watched for more than a decade -- something 'unexpected' will take the stage in Calgary in January 2007.

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